Our Cider
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Delicious apple cider has been a classic American refreshment since Colonial days.

At Apple Lane Orchard we hand press small batches of sweet cider using time-tested
methods to ensure that our rich and creamy beverage arrives at your table in all its
healthful glory with no sugar added (and no other ingredients at all besides apples).

Our retail cider comes in one gallon, half-gallon, quart, and pint sizes. We supply
unpasteurized apple juice to boutique wineries for the production of apple wine and
also make raw apple juice available to amateur cider makers. For inquiries, please
contact our Production & Facilities Manager, Tom Hensley, at 760-315-1488.

Apple Lane Orchard cider can be purchased in a variety of locations in Julian and
nearby areas, such as Don’s Market in Santa Ysabel. Our product can also be sampled
in the Julian Hard Cider store and tasting room located at 4470 Julian Road between
Santa Ysabel and Julian on Highway 78 in the Wynola Farms building

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